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Health Benefits of Whole Grain Food You Should Know

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Whole food can be defined as unprocessed and unrefined food. It doesn’t contain artificial substances like sugar, carbohydrates, fat, or salt. Some whole food types are grains, vegetables, fruits, and milk.

After the 20th-century technology was developed. Before that, all foods were whole and organic. Organic foods have more nutrients and no chemicals. And its have less air pollution, soil pollution, and organic foods need fewer amount antibiotics. After technology development, processed and refined procedures of food are developed. To have health alertness firms should introduce labels that have to distinguish whole and organic diets from chemically treated and processed diets. This should be implemented seriously as a rule. Before 1960 when there was not much technological development, at that time people used to eat whole food. After 1960, the Soil Association, a British charity introduces organic farming. In London, they used to sell whole grain and organic diets.

The ‘Whole’ word is not at all synonymous with ‘organic’. Whole food can be defined as an uncontaminated diet that doesn’t contain growth hormones, artificial sweeteners, herbicides, pesticides, different poisons, MSG, GMOs. Do not think that whole food is organic food if a label doesn’t represent it.

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Whole Grains


Whole grains are a type of whole food. These are not refined grains. Refined grains consist of only an endosperm. But it consists of endosperm, bran, cereal germ. It consists of high nutritional worth compared to refined grains. Whole grains don’t contain any complexities in sprouting. But refined grains usually have complexities in sprouting.

A few verities of whole grain are oat, barley, maize, wheat bran, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth. Some types of whole grain products are bread, popcorn, wheat flour, and whole wheat. Examples of refined whole grain products are white in color, which are white pasta, white flour, white bread, and hominy.

Health benefits of whole grain


When we eat whole grains that are unprocessed and unrefined have a wider range of health benefits. These health benefits cannot be found in processed foods.

  1. Whole food consists of high nutritional value but in the processed and unrefined diet, we cannot find high nutritional values.
  2. A 2002 experiment revealed that the whole grain diet is useful to lessen blood sugar levels. But processed diet increases blood sugar.
  3. A whole-grain diet prevents cardiovascular diseases and lessens triglyceride and LDL amounts. Whole grains prevent obesity and are useful in weight loss.
  4. These foods are much healthier compared to refined food.
  5. Generally, we can notice without having any proof. Anyway, experiments also revealed that the whole grain diet is healthier compared to a refined diet. To develop their business, companies are promoting processed food.
  6. They are more concentrating on profits than the health benefits of people. So this is the reason in the market why the wider range of processed food is available but we cannot find whole-grain food.
  7. We should make awareness of the benefits of whole-grain food in people so that we can avoid processed and refined diets. Anyway, it has high nutritional values which are helpful to prevent several diseases.
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