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Fruits Nutrition and Health Benefits

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Fruits Nutrition and Health benefits

Fruit Nutrition: People have an awareness that fruits are good for their health. But what is the reason that they say fruits are good for health?

Here is some information has given about the nutritional values of fruits. By this, we can know why fruits are good for health.

Fruits contain rich nutrients

Fruits naturally consist of rich nutrients. These nutrients cannot be synthesized in human beings’ bodies naturally that’s why we have to take these necessary nutrients from outside sources such as fruits.

These kinds of nutrients are useful to the body is functioning well & metabolisms.

Let’s know about these essential nutrients how they are useful to human beings’ bodies.

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Significance of vitamins & minerals – Fruits Nutrition

fruits-nutrition-health-benefitsVitamins can be defined as chemical substances & minerals can be defined as chemical elements which are useful to human beings’ bodies in many functions such as chemical reactions & to make bones strong & to utilize energy nutrients. Vitamins & minerals play a crucial role in the human being’s body.

  1. Generally, the human beings’ body requires 13 essential vitamins and 16 essential minerals to make the body function well.
  2. Fruits consist of excess quantities of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K and minerals such as iron, manganese, potassium, calcium & phosphorous.
  3. Different kinds of fruits consist of different amounts of nutrients citrus family such as orange, mango contains high amounts of Vitamin C.


Fruits consist of excess amounts of soluble fiber. Fiber is useful in throwing the wastage & toxins out of the body.

The outer layers of several fruits consist of sufficient quantities of fiber. Fiber is useful to lessen cholesterol & stop constipation & bowel cancers & other sicknesses. Fiber-containing fruits are Bananas, Oranges & Apples.

Simple sugars

  1. Fruits consist of simple sugars. In human beings’ bodies, oxygen will transform simple sugar into energy.
  2. Sugars utilize oxygen to burn and discharge water & Co2.
  3. In this burning procedure, it will not produce toxic wastage human beings’ bodies can use this water and it will dispose of Co2.
  4. This procedure needs extra energy. We can digest these fruits very easily & we can get energy very quickly from fruits.

Essential amino acids – Fruits Nutrition


  1. People mistakenly think that fruits do not contain proteins. The truth is fruits consist of proteins & these proteins consist of amino acids.
  2. The human being’s body uses 22 amino acids to synthesize 50,000 kinds of proteins. From these 22 amino acids, 8 amino acids cannot be produced naturally in human beings’ bodies.
  3. Essential amino acids were called by these 8 amino acids because they cannot be synthesized by human beings’ bodies naturally.
  4. We should take these amino acids from outside sources such as fruits. Some fruits consist of entire 8 amino acids such as Cucumber, Banana & Tomato.



  1. Anti-oxidants involve Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C & plant-related compounds such as carotenoids & flavonoids, and minerals like selenium.
  2. These are useful to the body. In human beings, body Anti-oxidants react with free radicals that are produced from pollutants & smoke. Free radicals generally injure cells & which leads to cataracts, cancers, heart diseases & many disorders.
  3. Antioxidants react with these free radicals & throw them out of the human beings’ body. It prevents such disorders by throwing out free radicals.
  4. Several fruits consist of different Anti-oxidants which prevent the body from many disorders & health problems. Guava contains rich anti-oxidants.



  1. Some fruits contain bright colors. This color comes because of pigment phytonutrients. Powerful anti-oxidants has define by Phytonutrients.
  2. These prevent the body from cell injury & controls aging.
  3. These can be defined as antiviral & antibacterial agents. Phytonutrients are available abundantly in some fruits such as citrus, Mangoes & melons.

Advantages of consuming fruits

  1. Fruits don’t consist of cholesterol & high calories.
  2. Fruits consist of 80% water. We cannot find this much percentage of water in other diets.
  3. Fruits contain natural sugars. These natural sugars are useful to brain cells to function properly.
  4. Fruits contain fiber. This fiber is useful in human beings’ bodies to throw out the wastage from the body.
  5. Fruits naturally consist of rich anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants are useful for chronic disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure & cancer.
  6. If we eat fruits every day we can control aging by rejuvenating the skin cells.
  7. We can maintain our body weight by eating fruits.
  8. Fruits play a key role in throwing wastage from the body.


Fruits should be pesticide-free

In present days fruits have been treated by pesticides that are harmful to health. To eliminate pesticide residue we have to wash fruits very carefully until pesticides eliminate. Especially kids & pregnant ladies should be careful while eating fruits. They should eat pesticide-free fruits.

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