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Eating Healthy Fruits and Vegetables Can Help You Be More Healthy

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Fruits and Vegetables are more Healthy

Fruits and Vegetables: With such an abundance of diet plans and food combining theories being touted by celebrities and trainers today, it’s hard to tell which plans make sense, which ones are silly, and which ones may be downright harmful. Because keeping your heart healthy means maintaining a reasonable body BMI and getting proper nutrition, for which eating the right food is paramount.

One thing that almost all plans have in common is an agreement that there is always room for more fruits and vegetables in our diets.

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Whether you’re eating Paleo or low-carb or watching your fat intake, fruits and vegetables are a quick and easy way to pack more nutrition into your diet while still satisfying your hunger.

And produce does more than just fill you up – it provides vitamins and minerals which may be otherwise unavailable- even through supplements.

Consuming handfuls of vitamins and capsules of fiber deprive you of the wonderful tastes to be found in fruits and vegetables, and you can’t duplicate deliciousness in pill form. Although encouragement to increase our produce intake has been around for many years, a lot of Americans still fall short of the USDA recommendation of from 5 to 10 fruit and vegetable servings per day. Fortunately, even if you are a confirmed meat lover, it’s not hard to incorporate more produce into your diet.

Keep it handy:

Get a beautiful fruit bowl and fill it! Keep it within reach for all members of the family. Wash and dry the produced fruits when you get home from the grocery store,


So a snack is never more than a few seconds away. Knowing that grapes or berries are ready-to-eat help make fruit an easy switch from opening a bag of chips in the afternoon while watching TV in the evening. Apples and oranges store well for days without refrigeration, so you can keep one in your desk drawer or car for when hunger strikes.

Make small changes:

While French fries and potatoes are technically a vegetable, you shouldn’t rely on starchy tubers as counting for more than one or two of your portions per day. Substitute sweet potatoes if you’re craving fries, or try going “starch-free” at dinner a few times per week.

It’s not all or nothing:

While a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in our diets is best if you only like a few vegetables, up to your intake of those. It is easier to ensure full nutritional value if you eat many types of produce, but a select few is better than nothing. If you only enjoy only one or two varieties, try preparing them in different ways to alter your taste buds. Or, make a deal with yourself to try at least one new fruit or vegetable per week until you’ve built a larger repertoire you find palatable.

Designate one night per week a vegetarian night:

It’s easy to go vegetarian for a night when you turn to pasta. A tomato-based sauce served with a side of sautéed zucchini and mushrooms, accompanied by a large green salad will pack almost all of your daily produce requirements into one meal. If you’re missing out on protein, add a cheese tray as a dessert option. You can even incorporate cheese into a Parmesan eggplant to satisfy hungrier members who may miss the meat serving.


By putting fruits and vegetables at the forefront of your diet You are making your heart health a priority putting fruit and vegetables at forefront of your diet. Small changes like making one night tonight a week vegetarian or adding a fruit smoothie to your breakfast routine increase your serving count tremendously. And allows you to indulge in the occasional guilt-free treat.

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