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Dried Or Fresh Spices, What Is The Difference?

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Dried Or Fresh Spices?

  • Spices enrich the palette of flavors without adding calories and allow you to reduce the amount of salt, sugar, and fat without sacrificing the taste of food.
  • Numerous studies show that they have the potential to act as agents in the prevention of certain diseases.

It’s no secret that spices are a great and simple way to add nutrients to your meal and nutrition.

But is there a real difference between the use of dried versus fresh spicy herbs? Before preparing new recipes, get information.

Taste of spices


Dried oregano
  • When spices are dried they are sensitive to the loss of volatile oils, which are largely responsible for the flavor and aroma.
  • In order to achieve making the most of the flavor, a release is best-dried spices are to be added during cooking.

For example,

Dried oregano is added while making the sauce or soup, or dried rosemary is added to vegetables before baking.


Basil leaves
  • For garnish or decoration, best add fresh spices in order to get the full flavor, aroma, and textures that lack dry spices.
  • Green spices in particular suffer from the loss of nutrients and delicious components in the drying process, so it is ideal to be used fresh.

For example,

When you make a sauce for pasta green basil leaves are always the best option.

Price of spices

Typically, dry spices are less expensive than fresh when it comes to the amount that you can get.

On the other hand,

If you own spices it’s a great way to save money and always have fresh spices on hand. Small seedlings that you can store in the home or outside in summer and inside in winter are gorgeous options.

Scale cooking


There is a rule that is more potent dried spices and more concentrated than fresh, and therefore during cooking, you need less of it.

The ratio 1: 3 can be applied to fresh versus dried, and a dry spice teaspoon is equal to three teaspoons of fresh spice same.

If in doubt Play safe,

Remember you can always add more if you need, but you can not increase if overused.

How to Storage?

Dried spice


Dried spice should be normally stored in tightly-sealed jars or plastic containers, out of the light and the possibility of a dry and cool place.

Fresh spice


Fresh spice on the other hand should be kept in the refrigerator, and it is to be wrapped in a paper towel and bag in order not to wither and prevent mold growth.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • It is important to know how long you can keep both types of spices.
  • Dried may lose taste and potency after a while, but fresh can quickly wither and spoil.
  • A great way to keep fresh spices is to freeze and store them for later.
  • Most of the spice has no problem with freezing, regardless of a meal or separately.

Whatever you choose, you get it!

At the end of the day is a personal choice, depending on availability, convenience, opportunity, arostimanot, and other factors. You may choose to use the dry and fresh to get the best of both.

What kind of spices are you using at your home for cooking?
Share your thoughts in the comment.
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