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Choose Pasta For a Quick and Easy Meal

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Health Benefits – Pasta has high in protein which is essential for muscle growth and development. Protein helps the body’s metabolism and cellular processes. It defends against disease through the immune system. Pasta is the right choice for a weight loss plan. Because it has low sodium and is fat-free.

Pasta Quick and Easy Meal

It is one of your best choices for a quick and easy dinner. It just needs to be added to boiling water and can be cooked in less than 15 minutes.

And while the pasta is boiling you can make your desired sauce. Whether you go with a tomato-based topping, pesto, or creamy topping, you can be done quickly. Here are a number of tips for a quick and uncomplicated pasta dinner.

  1. Don’t add it to the water before it reaches a full boil. This will help prevent the noodles from getting soft and sticky. Also, maintain the water at a boil always.
  2. You can help the pasta remain firmer if you add some salt to the water. Note that you should not cover up the pot after you put in the pasta.
  3. You have to test now and then to see if the noodles are cooked. It cooks quite rapidly and leaving it too long can give rise to mushy noodles. When the pasta is ready, take it out of the water right away.
  4. With that, half of your preparation is complete. The remaining half is preparing the topping.
  5. The good thing about noodles is that there are countless options for topping them. If you’re a pasta fan then having a couple of varieties of toppings stockpiled in your refrigerator is the best way to go.

Best way to Toppings for pasta



  1. Pesto is a fast and simple topping.
  2. Add a bit of mushroom, garlic, or possibly a little Italian sausage, top it off with some shredded cheese, and you have a yummy meal in no time.
  3. Sun-dried tomatoes, either canned or bottled, also work with pasta and let you have the benefit of tomato-based pasta without the usual sauce.
  4. Cover with shredded cheese and accompany it with some garlic bread for a nourishing repast. If you are in the mood for a creamy sauce, just mix some cream, oregano, and sliced black olives.
  5. Top it with some shredded parmesan cheese. It’s a basic sauce but very appetizing.

Olive oil


  1. Olive oil is also a staple with pasta and can be fairly simple to use as well. Try mixing olive oil with canned seafood or slices of meat or sausage.
  2. You can add some basil for flavor and don’t forget the grated cheese. If you want to be daring, try including some highly spiced meat such as pepperoni. It helps you get dinner on the table in a flash.
  3. In only 15 to 20 minutes you will be able to cook a filling repast of pasta covered with a range of delicious sauces.
  4. With all the possible alternatives, it’s a fast and easy cooking meal that you will never get tired of.

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