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13 Types Of Foods that Cleanse the Liver

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13 Types of Liver foods that are good for our liver, these foods can prevent us from having hepatitis.

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Today we are going to learn more in our articles about these 13 types of foods that prevent hepatitis.

Some foods are also good for our liver, for example:


prevention-of-fatty-liver-hawthornHawthorn:  It can remove your greasy feeling and indigestion caused by eating too much meat and lipid-containing food. It can be used for the prevention of fatty liver, high cholesterol.

The root of herbaceous peony

  • The root of herbaceous peony is good for your liver and relief your pain. It is good for your blood and helps to improve your period.
  • Not only these, but it also has an antiperspirant effect, and relieves pain caused by problems in the liver.
  • It is good for your liver and relief your pain. It is good for your blood and helps to improve your period. Not only these, but it also has an antiperspirant effect, and relieves pain caused by problems in the liver.


Astragalus: It can protect your liver and prevent the reduction of glycogen. It has the use of anti-stroke, and it is a diuretic and improves the problem of edema.

Dried jujube


Dried jujube: It can ease the effects of the medicine, relieve spasms, and have the users of calming ones and it is a diuretic. It is good for your liver and helps your spleen and stomach to have better functions.


Tribulus: It can relieve the problem of unclear vision caused by hyperactivity of the liver. It can also solve some uncomfortable feelings caused by problems of the liver



Beets: It can protect cells collagen and the health of blood vessels. The tender bud and emerging leaf of it are full of nutritious. So that it is good for livers.


Cabbages: It has a variety of anti-cancer ingredients and they can improve digestive function and accelerate the excretion of body waste.

Bean sprouts

Bean-sprouts: It can provide high-quality high-density lipoprotein, which can improve the health of blood vessels, prevent atherosclerosis. It is also good for the metabolism of liver cells.



Aloe: It can improve the health of the liver, improve the problems of headache, dizziness, mania, easily get irritated, palpitation, and seizures. But pregnant women should avoid using it.

Chinese yam


Chinese yam: It can improve your body if you have mild diabetes. It can be used as the prevention tool of fatty liver, enhance immunity, and have the use of liver virus defense.

Purple rice

Purple rice: It has many types of nutrition, which is the food that has high protein, high dietary fiber, and low fat. So it is good for our liver.


Clam: It can improve the circulation of tissue fluid, so as to protect our internal organs. It is good for our guts and liver, and it can provide the must-have nutrition of the liver.



Shell: It is full of choline ingredients and it can have the users of prevention of liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver. It is good for a hangover and protects the liver.

If we make delicious dishes with these functional ingredients and apply them in every daily meal, it can have better uses in protecting our liver!

Autumn is always the peak for having Chronic Hepatitis B. There will be problems if you absorb excess fats, and eat excess spicy food as they increase the workload of our Liver. We should drink less alcohol, have a good mood, have enough rest, and have reasonable nutritious absorption.

We should also be concerned about adequate and balanced nutrition. An appropriate increase in protein and vitamins can help you to stay far from liver diseases!

These are the top 13 types of liver foods that prevent hepatitis and make the liver be more healthy.

Is these 13 liver foods have helpful to you? Leave a comment below.

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